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Kuwait International Automobile Exhibition 2009

Its great watching these pics!Thanks to the blog author!!


Very interesting. Are they filming this?


so what do you think - does Safran read these comments? because he kind of has an 'I'll show you guys" look on his face.


He looks very nervous and scared! Great job capturing the emotions of the day.

yiannis krikis

excellent work, colors and lightings


Belle série, merci pour le partage !!


Belle suite sur ce rituel dédié à la crucifixion !

Michael Rawluk

Super shots, Sidney. The red clothing sure pops out.


Sidney, great stuff. One could actually feel the anxiety, the apprehension of Safran. Budoy, on the other hand, seems relaxed after having done it many times before.

I had hoped that you would do some narrative on this set as you had in the previous takes. You do great documentary and story telling, Sidney. Together with your wonderful images, you do a fantastic job of telling how it is.


Je suis allé lire sa bio sur Wikipédia. Un sacré personnage ce John Safran ;-)

Ashish Sidapara

Its getting interesting, great images, as always!


the tension is building and the pressure is starting to show. very interesting series

dennis villegas

Great series Sidney!

Very interesting how Buboy Dionisio was fooled into believing that John was serious about being crucified. It just trivializes the religious importance of this event.

I had been to Cutud several times but I find it disgusting how some people (including those who are crucified), makes circus entertainment out of a very solemn ritual. They just make a mockery of the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ!


A fine series of the preparations for the event. It's hard to tell how since this fellow actually is.


Je rejoins les propos de Gérard :-)))


Like everyone else who's commented - I m too curious to know what's the purpose of that cloth (with three faces of Jesus )...


I can't tell if he's acting or if there is some genuine emotion seeping through.

A picture can tell a thousand words. I want 1002 :)


John semble prendre son rôle d'acteur de cinéma très au sérieux!

Wim van der Meij

This is some story Sid! The Australian looks like a fraud after your comments on him, but me too would not follow him on to the cross.

luna miranda

anything for TV---this Australian guy must be suffering from narcissistic personality disorder!


Will he go through with it? I hope not. I do not see the point in this self torture. There are other ways other options


I wonder what that cloth with the faces of Jesus is for?

Great photos, as always, Sidney! :)

Asian Traveler

These photos depict two faces of intention.


I agree with the other comments, John has something that gives me chills (in a bad way...), can't tell what it is. I'm sure it wasn't very comfortable for you to be around him.


another fascinating series of images.

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